Sunday, June 12, 2011


The Collage

I sometimes like to do collage's. This is a pure artistic effort to the photographer, or it can be a teaching tool for the coaching staff of what ever sport is being shot.

A Series Collage is my specialty. A series collage basically is 8.5 fps my camera can shoot, capturing the mechanics and a point in time of an athletes abilities.

The beauty of a series collage is that within the frame rate you choose on your camera, you can either accept the first burst of shots taken like the above collage...

...or you can take several bursts, like the below series,  and edit together more frames into the series to tell more of a story, and show more of the mechanics of the athlete in motion.

Collages can be fun and artistic at the same time. They can be revealing and catch what the eye misses.

Here are more of the series collages I have made.

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