Sunday, December 18, 2005

My background and experience.

I am a semi pro sports photographer, meaning, I have been paid for some of my work.

I use a Canon 1d Mk.2 digital camera as my main body, and I have a Canon 300d digital camera as a back up, and secondary body.

My lens sets are all Canon, and are either L quality telephoto, or prime.

I usually hand hold the bodies, rarely using a monopod unless I rent a big ass lens that demands support.

I know how to rig, so, occasionally I rig the bodies in a venue and either remote trigger, or manually trigger the shutter to get the shot I am after.

I was the Hart Pony Baseball and Softball League photographer from 2002 until 2010 when I retired that position. I did not like the politics.

I have been shooting stills since high school and through most of my college education.

My bread and butter is in the motion picture industry in Hollywood, working as a set lighting technician, but mostly I have been finding myself rigging shows and enjoying that a lot.

Currently, I have been teaching sports photography through the city of Santa Clarita, CA.  You can find my class schedule through their Seasons magazine.

Please enjoy this blog, tell your friends and family about it especially those that have kids and want to have some sort of a clue to capture images during sporting events.

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