Sunday, June 11, 2006

Story Telling Through The Lens v9.

Knowing the key players, or the impact players, or the star players can make for nice
results in action shots.

Too Dark, Not Sharp!!

These examples are not worthy of print for a couple reasons.
First of all they are not tack sharp.
Second, the football games are a bit underexposed.
These would of been better if I had a faster lens, and a faster shutter speed.
More artificial light would of been nice as well, but I'm not made of money.

This first image is a tad dark and probly could use some dodging techniques
in PS.

Too Blown Out!!
These pix, even though they may seem sound to some, to me seem a bit blown out. Plus, a faster shutter speed could of been used to get more detail.

This image I like, but want to improve on the ball. A faster shutter speed will
make the seams of the ball come out better, giving the whole image
more detail.

Story Telling Through The Lens v8

Story Telling Through The Lens v7

Story Telling Through The Lens v6