Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stricktly sticking to the guidelines when possible.

I try to stick to the guidelines of sports photography as much as possible.

Clean backgrounds, tack sharp images, blah, blah.

As in some of these examples however, a yellow fence line gets in the way.

I can clone out the fence line, or blur out the back ground, but now we are talking a bunch more work for little fare.

I like the action, I hate the fence line. What to do?

Keeping strictly to the guidelines of sports photography.

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John M. Setzler, Jr. said...

You have some of the same issues I do with the poor backgrounds. It's sad that we can't be shooting in professional stadiums :) There are only two things I can see here that may help you out. I'm guessing that you are fairly tall. The camera angle seems to be pointing downward in a lot of these photos. You may want to take a knee and get a more level or upward angle with the camera, especially when working with children. One thing that will help the backgrounds is to shorten the depth of field as much as you can. I'm not sure what lenses you are working with though. Get at the long end of the focal length and shoot wide open to minimize the DOF.

Keep up the good work :)